Microbrewery, bar, restaurant-liquid interior.

The second restaurant of Craft Microbrewery is designed based on the following principles:

– Highlighting the dynamic relationship between beer production and serving.
– Initiating a dialogue between the space and its urban context
– Creating a warm space with a distinct identity.

The restaurant evolves in three different levels that share the same characteristics: the direction of beer production in space and the filtration of views to the city through the beer tanks.
The design is based in the idea of “liquidifing” the rigid interior space that was meant to be a bank: curves are introduced into the design forming floor areas, benches, bars, creating a friendly natural “female” landscape.
Perforated metal panels filter the ceilings and the walls hide light systems adding depth to the space. Through its composing elements, and the variety of light sources, the interior acquires different readings. The space functioned many years as Athen’s major bar-restaurant.