Mid war style garden house - Metallic addition.

The project is about the renovation of a ground floor residence with an addition of a second floor, in a suburb of Athens. It is sited in the back side of a linear lot, the middle part of which is occupied by a garden with big trees. Due to its difficult site access it’s been constructed by metal structure. The materials where transferred on site above the adjacent tall buildings by a telescopic crane.

The design refers to the mid war architecture that was strongly influenced by Bauhaus, bridging the existing building and the new technologies. It is aiming to relate the interior space with the garden by means of big openings and verandas. The building focuses to the garden, ignoring the surroundings. It limits its views using side metallic panels. The panels having vegetal cut outs relate to nature. The metallic staircase traverses the garden, giving independence to the upper floor.The building with its plain form has the feeling of an observatory. The living space extents to the veranda, that opens to the garden through its glass panels.