Cafe at ALEA Self Service Station/Tripoli/2007

The design of the cafe is based on the spectacular view towards the plains of Nestani, where according to mythology, Artemis the goddess of hunting, used to hunt with her favorite deer.
Behind the bar, a deconstructed reflection of the view is created, with a composition of extra large cabinets, in various sizes and shades of green, suspended on a canvas-wall.
Imprinted on the facades of the cabinets, are the mountain ridges seen far away, framing the view, by differentiating the color’s texture. Extra shinny texture is chosen for the sky and mat texture for the mountains.
The bar is lined with composite wood, with vibrant grains, referring to the element of earth, soil and the ears in the fields. The whole composition in arrayed in a curved arrangement, highlighting the space’s panoramic dimension.